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North Ridge Elementary School

Tips for Talking With an Anxious Child

Frenship ISD Counselors share tips for parents when talking to an anxious child:

-Acknowledge with your child what happened.

-Pay attention to his/her feelings.

-Listen carefully and intentionally.

-Stay calm when they become anxious talking about a situation or event.

-Reassure them they are safe and you are always available to listen.

-Encourage a normal routine/schedule.

-Encourage your child to express his/her feelings through writing, artwork or conversation.

-Make sure they are getting plenty of rest and eating well-balanced and regular meals.

-Focus on the positives.


Frenship ISD encourages you to please contact your child’s campus counselor for additional resources and guidance.

-Frenship High School: 806-866-4440

-FHS Ninth Grade Center: 806-866-0110

-Reese Education Center: 806-855-4910

-Frenship Middle School: 806-866-4464

-Heritage Middle School: 806-794-9400

-Terra Vista Middle School: 806-796-0076

-Bennett Elementary: 806-866-4443

-Crestview Elementary: 806-794-3661

-Legacy Elementary: 806-792-3800

-North Ridge Elementary: 806-793-6686

-Oak Ridge Elementary: 806-794-5200

-Upland Heights Elementary: 806-698-6611

-Westwind Elementary: 806-799-3731

-Willow Bend Elementary: 806-796-0090 


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