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North Ridge Elementary School

Frenship Fifth-Grade Students Take a Trip to the Frenship Ag Farm

For the first time the Frenship High School Ag Farm hosted an exciting Ag Day event for fifth-grade students, providing a hands-on agricultural learning experience. The day featured interactive presentations and close encounters with various animals, captivating the young learners.  

Local organizations and presenters collaborated to make Ag Day unforgettable. Texas Corn Growers Association shared insights on corn cultivation, while Lubbock County Farm Bureau brought a mobile learning barn. Corteva Agriscience emphasized the importance of cotton production, and Lubbock County Master Gardeners shared valuable gardening techniques. Southwest Dairy Museum offered a hands-on milking experience through their Mobile Dairy Classroom. Frenship FFA showcased live animals, including adorable calves, goats, and pigs, allowing the students to interact and develop a deeper connection with agriculture.  

Ryan Pieniazek, Frenship High School Lead Agricultural Sciences Teacher, shares that it is important for students to have an understanding of the agricultural origins of everyday products. 

“There is a growing disconnect between the public and agriculture.  We felt that this was a way for us to advocate for agriculture and promote agricultural literacy,” said Pieniazek. 

The FFA officers and members played a crucial role in the event, presenting the mobile learning barn and providing insights into grains and beef.  

Pieniazek believes the presentation left a big impression on students through their first encounters with farm animals. 

“The students really enjoyed being able to pet the baby animals. For many this was their first time to be able to come into contact with a calf, goat, or a pig. It was eye opening for them to be made aware of all the products that they come into contact with everyday that are by-products of the agricultural industry. Getting to see "Luna" the dairy cow get milked was also an exciting first for most of the students attending,” said Pieniazek. 

It’s easy to say that Ag Day left the students with newfound knowledge and appreciation for agriculture. It ignited their curiosity and deepened their understanding of the vital role agriculture plays in our lives, opening the doors to a new world of possibilities.