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North Ridge Elementary School

North Ridge Elementary is “Better Together”

One of the mottos at North Ridge Elementary is to be a positive member of the community and student council students decided to put this motto to practice. The 15 student council members created positive posters and greeted the students and staff as they entered the building. 

The team spread out to three different locations to ensure everyone received a smile and words of encouragement on that morning. Mondays can be hard for both staff and students, especially on cold and rainy mornings such as that one.  

The North Ridge student council believes that student leaders have the responsibility to be positive role models and that is what was modeled to each student as they entered the building. 

“I had several teachers throughout the day say how much they enjoyed the positive words,” said Marla Dabbert, student council advisor at North Ride. "I saw students put a smile on their face after hearing another student compliment them or give them a high five.”