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North Ridge Elementary School

Frenship Elementary Students Shine in 2021 Invitational Academic UIL Meet

Results are listed by school below:
Frenship 2021 Invitational Academic UIL Meet - Elementary School Results
Bennett Elementary, 1st Place
Crestview Elementary, 2nd Place
Lubbock-Cooper West, 3rd Place
Legacy Elementary, 4th Place
Lubbock-Cooper Central, 5th Place
Upland Heights Elementary, 6th Place
Lubbock-Cooper East, 7th Place
Lubbock-Cooper South, 8th Place
Art - 4th Grade

-Rachel Bujnosek (1st place - Crestview)

-Lillian Del Muro (2nd place - Legacy)

-Chloe Bui (2nd place - North Ridge)

-Allison Riley (4th place - Crestview)

-Aiden Sierra (5th place – Upland Heights)

-Matthew Holmes (6th place – Crestview)

-Mikah Garcia (7th place - Oak Ridge)


Art - 5th Grade

-Adeline Bartlett (1st Place - Crestview)

-Reagan Moreno (2nd Place - Willow Bend)

-Meleah Jones (4th Place - Oak Ridge)

-Adalyn Holland (5th Place - Upland Heights)

-Madison Lilley (6th Place - Crestview)

-Bristol Wicks (7th Place - Crestview)

-Chloe Vasquez (7th Place - Legacy)


Chess Puzzle - 2nd Grade

-Colby Thomson (1st Place - Oak Ridge)

-Easton Cruz (1st Place - Upland Heights)

-Jace'Lynn Hernandez (3rd Place - Legacy)

-Nehemiah Gonzales (5th Place - Westwind)

-Joaquin Dyal (5th Place - Bennett)

-Esteban Casas (8th Place - Upland Heights)

-Ryder Vaughn (8th Place - Legacy) 


Chess Puzzle - 3rd Grade

-Conner Payne (2nd Place - Crestview)

-Sam Yalamanchili (2nd Place - Bennett)

-Amish Madhavaram (4th Place - Crestview)

-Bravery Boyce (8th Place - North Ridge)

-Hagen Tei Chelmon (8th Place - Legacy)


Chess Puzzle - 4th Grade

-Aaron Weiss (2nd Place - Bennett)

-Atticus Dunn (4th Place - Upland Heights) 

-Jayti Duffiled (6th Place - Upland Heights)


Chess Puzzle - 5th Grade

-Gage Hacker (1st Place - Bennett)

-Archer Johnson (2nd Place - Westwind)

-Brock Metcalf (3rd Place - Legacy)

-Easton Stults (5th Place - Crestview)

-Palmer Fletcher (8th Place - Oak Ridge)


Creative Writing - 2nd Grade

-Cambri Rice (2nd Place - North Ridge)

-Annabel Wang (3rd Place - Crestview)

-Noah Stewart (5th Place - Westwind)

-Salma Sabouni (6th Place - Westwind)


Dictionary Skills - 5th Grade

-Gunner Durham (2nd Place - North Ridge)

-Aisaac Lugisse (3rd Place - North Ridge)

-Kynlee Hacker (5th Place - Bennett)

-Aubree Renteria (6th Place - Bennett)

-Michael Duncan (7th Place - Crestview)


Listening - 5th Grade

-Alexandra Youmans (1st Place - Crestview)

-Makenzie Crouch (3rd Place - Bennett)

-Savannah Mills (4th Place - Bennett)

-Avery Racca (6th Place - Crestview)


Maps, Graphs and Charts - 5th Grade

-Brantlie Escamilla (2nd Place - Oak Ridge)

-Levi Dyal (4th Place - Bennett)

-Addisen Bowen (4th Place - Oak Ridge)

-Luke Guzman (8th Place - Bennett)


Music Memory - 2nd Grade

-Deacon Crooks (1st Place - Willow Bend)

-Zian Doctolero (5th Place - North Ridge)


Music Memory - 3rd Grade

-Taigyn Kirkland (2nd Place - Upland Heights)

-Charlie Cagle (3rd Place - Legacy)

-Kamdon Fielder (5th Place - Legacy)

-Shad McNaughtan (7th Place - Willow Bend)

-Luke Hart (8th Place - Legacy)


Music Memory - 4th Grade

-Cambree Munoz (1st Place - Legacy)

-Connor Roberts (3rd Place - Legacy)

-Brenden Moudy (4th Place - Legacy)

-Sophia Sanchez (7th Place - Legacy)

-Morgan Cox (8th Place - Legacy)


Music Memory - 5th Grade

-Brielle Mariscal (1st Place - Willow Bend)

-Bravyn Fielder (2nd Place - Legacy)

-Kynlee McCoy (3rd Place - Legacy)

-Jordan Garcia (4th Place - Legacy)

-Mariana Roseborough (5th Place - Willow Bend)

-Sage Peppard-Leija (6th Place - Legacy)

-Selyn Joligon (7th Place - Oak Ridge)


Number Sense - 4th Grade

-Jude Kitchens (4th Place - Crestview)

-Yoonseon Cho (6th Place - Oak Ridge)


Number Sense - 5th Grade

-Lily Williams (1st Place - Bennett)

-Liam Miller (3rd Place - Crestview)

-Derin Ottolenghi (6th Place - Crestview)


Oral Reading - 2nd Grade

-Jordyn Sedberry (2nd Place - Bennett)

-Alexander Pratt (3rd Place - Upland Heights)

-June Looney (7th Place - Bennett)


Oral Reading - 3rd Grade

-Kenna Grant (1st Place - Bennett)

-Sadie Byars (6th Place - Legacy)

-Karsyn Truesdell (7th Place - Upland Heights)


Oral Reading - 4th Grade

-Norah Boone (1st Place - Willow Bend)

-Reece Jividen (2nd Place - Upland Heights)

-Zane Chism (4th Place - Crestview)

-Elizabeth Lester (6th Place - Oak Ridge)

-Ella Gillit (7th Place - Legacy)


Oral Reading - 5th Grade

-Hannah Lane (2nd Place - Bennett)

-Lyla Wilson (3rd Place - Crestview)

-Brooklyn Samniego (4th Place - Legacy)

-Kaytlyn Dufek (6th Place - Oak Ridge)

-Brooklyn Hacker (8th Place - Bennett)


Ready Writing - 3rd Grade

-Ellianna Rivas (3rd Place - North Ridge)

-Laren Radford (5th Place - Bennett)

-Addison Aguirre (6th Place - Oak Ridge)


Ready Writing - 4th Grade

-Addison Porter (4th Place - Legacy)

-Presley Hutcheson (7th Place - Bennett)

-Jude Kitchens (8th Place - Crestview)


Ready Writing - 5th Grade

-Mia Adams (1st Place - Willow Bend)

-Mylei Garcia (3rd Place - Upland Heights)

-Kyla Dollar (4th Place - Upland Heights)

-Brielle Mariscal (7th Place - Willow Bend)

-Rosalie Carter (8th Place - Bennett)


Social Studies - 5th Grade

-Andrew Crain (2nd Place - Crestview)

-Luke McNaughtan (3rd Place - Willow Bend)

-Caleb Villarreal (4th Place - Crestview)

-Hunter Barnhill (6th Place - Oak Ridge)

-Zaevian Campos (8th Place - Willow Bend)

-Zoe-Clair Teel (8th Place - Oak Ridge)

-Annalee Rutherford (8th Place - Crestview)


Spelling - 3rd Grade

-Zachary Sheng (1st Place - Crestview)

-Sebastain Artigas (2nd Place - North Ridge)

-Lukas Henson (4th Place - Upland Heights)

-Annabella Pistoria (7th Place - Crestview)

-Ryan Sugg (8th Place - Crestview)


Spelling - 4th Grade

-Eileen Chung (1st Place - Crestview)

-Chanelle Ho (2nd Place - Oak Ridge)

-Nathan Bolla (3rd Place - North Ridge)

-Brianna Avendano (3rd Place - Bennett)

-Kate Weber (5th Place - Westwind)

-Anna Lee (5th Place - Upland Heights)

-Annslee Rangel (8th Place - Oak Ridge)

-Dallas West (8th Place - Legacy)

-Ryan Young (8th Place - Crestview)


Spelling - 5th Grade

-Caleb Orona (1st Place - Upland Heights)

-Brooks Collier (2nd Place - Oak Ridge)

-Lilly McCaleb (3rd Place - North Ridge)

-Hanna Smith (4th Place - North Ridge)

-Truett Huggins (5th Place - Bennett)

-Laney Szcyubialka (6th Place - Legacy)

-Ellasyn Stevens (7th Place - North Ridge)

-Lily Knight (8th Place - Oak Ridge)


Storytelling - 2nd Grade

-Aubrey Carson (1st Place - Bennett)

-Sophia Reed (2nd Place - Bennett)

-Nora Ryan (3rd Place - Bennett)

-Jad Ezra Diaz (5th Place - North Ridge)

-Arely Arballo (6th Place - Willow Bend)

-Milan Rodriguez (8th Place - Willow Bend)


Storytelling - 3rd Grade

-Adeline Coker (1st Place - Oak Ridge)

-Isaiah Velasquez (4th Place - Willow Bend)

-Jane Moser (5th Place - Bennett)

-Rylynn Giles (6th Place - Upland Heights)

-Kaitlynn Helton (7th Place - Willow Bend)

-Daniel Barraza (8th Place - Westwind)

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